The Approach

Lucy’s view on PR is very simple. It's about having something relevant to say - and knowing when and where to say it. It's about being listened toIt's about being heard. 

Standing out in the crowd is tough. In increasingly competitive markets, it's not just about creating a noise, it's about engaging with your audiences. Multi-media consumption and generation rates are at an all time high and growing. Information appetites are insatiable. Attention spans are less. Effective content and PR now not only needs to be strategically planned and sustained, but intuitive, responsive and multi-channelled.

To achieve and sustain results, Herd combines a range of traditional and new media communication strategies and tactics. Our dedicated, client-specific approach underpins business, brand and sales objectives, through customer-driven programmes that are designed to resonate and engage with the target audiences.  


Lucy managed public relations for Jefferson Wells, an accounting services firm, when we were opening offices across Europe. She coordinated the work of her own team in the UK as well as that of other agencies in Germany, France and Italy. She did an amazing job of helping us achieve great results in a short amount of time. I really enjoyed working with Lucy and recommend her as a public relations expert with a strategic focus and an eye on results.
— Ellen Evans Tyrek, Marketing Director, Jefferson Wells Financial Services